Get a branded mobile app
customized for your taxi company from $350 per month

Stand out among the rest taxi companies and aggregators with smart design and flexible settings.
Get a mobile application for your taxi company
Unique app that best suits the needs of your taxi company
Your clients will surely appreciate it and will be inclined to return repeatedly.
Any languages
Individuals visiting from abroad as well as residents will have the capability to request a taxi service.
Tariff selection
When placing an order, the user is presented with a complete range of tariffs and can easily select a preferred option by scrolling right-left
Referral system
One of the most cost-efficient methods for promotion is to provide clients with a unique referral code that they can share with their friends. In doing so, clients can earn bonuses each time their code is utilized.
Payment by card
Clients can effortlessly link their bank cards within the application.
One click order
The user-friendly process of placing an order encourages customers to utilize the application frequently.
Tariff increase indicator
You can easily notify customers of any changes to the tariffs.
Additional features of the mobile app
  • Easily hail a cab by tapping on the nearest available car through the app.
  • You have the option to schedule a ride for immediate or future booking.
  • You can enter your pickup address, drag and drop your location on the map, or simply click "Pick Me Up Here" to set your pickup location within the application.
  • You can save your preferred locations within the application for effortless booking in the future.
  • Prior to booking, the application provides estimates of the fare and expected travel time for your ride.
  • When booking a ride, you can select specific options for your trip such as preferred vehicle type and payment method.
  • Upon booking a ride, a confirmation pop-up will appear in the application.
  • You can track the progress of your taxi on the map within the application and view its movement in real time as it approaches your pickup location.
  • The application maintains a history of your past rides, along with receipts for each trip.
  • You have the ability to rate your driver and provide comments regarding your experience using the application.
What tasks can be solved using a mobile app
    The referral code system is based on the "invite a friend" principle, which can attract new customers from social networks without incurring additional advertising costs.
    You can use push notifications within the application to inform customers about new services and promotions, and to encourage them to place additional orders with your company.
    By increasing the number of orders received through the mobile application, you can significantly reduce the burden on your order-taking operators. With around 300-400 daily orders processed through the application, you can potentially eliminate the need for one order-taking position, resulting in significant cost savings on operator wages.
    By utilizing AppMetrica analytics, you can analyze the actions of application users and gain insight into customer preferences. This information can help you make informed decisions about launching advertising campaigns and implementing bonus systems, as well as adjust your promotional actions accordingly.
    By implementing new technologies, you can build a modern business image that caters to the needs of active and busy people who value speed and convenience. An application that allows for quick and easy taxi booking is sure to attract these customers and enhance your business's overall image.
    The mobile application is updated 4-5 times a year, which is more frequent than other developers. This means that new features are constantly being added to improve the user experience and keep up with evolving customer needs.
Development of a custom taxi app
We have conducted extensive research on the best Russian and European mobile applications, and as a result, we have developed a user-friendly and concise interface. Our interface is easy to adapt to any language and is understandable for users of any age.
Our team of professional designers is dedicated to crafting every element of the application's design. They carefully consider the application's structure, visual appearance of screens, form and color selection of all elements, and meticulously design icons.
Creating a one-of-a-kind taxi app can be costly and may not always be necessary. Instead, we recommend using our pre-existing application that has been adapted and thoroughly tested with a large number of clients. Our application has proven to attract orders and generate earnings for businesses as a whole.
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