Taxi booking and
dispatch software
Complete solution for taxi companies.
3000+ satisfied customers across 10+ countries.

How it Works

  • Taxi Booking
  • Automated order processing
    with minimal staff input
  • Driver communications
    via mobile app
  • Automatic customer notification
    via callbacks and text messages
  • 7-fold reduction
    in order processing time!
  • Сustomer orders increase
  • No impact of human error
    on call centers work
  • Business income growth
Keep in touch with drivers
Communicate with drivers via mobile app
Use up-to-date telephony
Process orders automatically from taking phone calls to sending cab arrival notifications
Send text messages
Text passengers on car dispatched and car waiting
Maps integration
Track all cabs in real time, use geocoding to easily find locations
Integration with payment systems
Receive online payments from drivers at any time of day
Punching in and out of shifts
Start shifts easily punching in any time, and provide payments online
Check in zone-queues
Work in the parts of the city, which are appropriate for you
Choose ride requests
Get full information on orders and accept or reject ride requests
Control the ride
If needed, you can put the taximeter on hold or use panic button
Calculate the cost of a ride
The cost is calculated according to rules of your taxi service, and seen before, during and upon completion of ride
Create your branded mobile app
Offer customers your branded taxi booking app
Provide customers with transparent trip tracking
Display on a map routes to pick-up and drop-off locations
Create one branded app and use it for various cities
Owning several taxi services? Make one application for all of them
Offer bonus points to your loyal customers
Deposit trip bonus points that your customers can spend on rides
Spend less for your website
Get your third-level domain name in zone for free

Taxi-Master Advantages

For a chief

  • Tangible company income growth
  • Possibilities for the service development and modernization
  • Short terms of implementation and ROI
  • More orders for the same period of time

For a dispatcher

  • Minimal action involved, maximum of automation
  • All information needed is available on one screen
  • Fast order processing
  • New opportunities for professional growth

For a driver

  • Handy mobile app
  • Automatic route mapping
  • Reward system
  • Online payments available anytime and anywhere

For a customer

  • Guaranteed and fast cab delivery
  • Immediate notifications of the order status changing
  • Discounts and bonus points awarding for trips
  • Handy ways to make a booking: by phone, through text messages, using the mobile app


Without Taxi-Master
Time spent
With Taxi-Master
Time spent
Call receiving
Filling out an order card
Giving information to a driver
Car search
Order processing time
On average, taxi services spend 100 seconds to process an order, with Taxi-Master it takes 14 seconds. Expenses get reduced by 7 times!


  • ❝Asia❞, Uralsk, Kazakhstan

    Our service is one of the largest carrier in Kazakhstani city of Uralsk. Our transportation services have been in good demand for 10 years due to reasonable prices and high quality of serving.

    After we implemented Taxi-Master, we got a several-fold growth of filled orders. When using the program it takes dispatchers a couple of seconds to process a ride request. Today our service can process more than 1000 requests per day, which is 3 times as many than before using Taxi-Master

    Thanks to the software, dispatchers can see the whole city spread before their eyes. Online maps help to find any organization’s location by its name.

    One of Taxi-Master’s advantages is the ongoing tracking of cabs. Dispatchers find it handy to be able to monitor cabs in real-time mode. Software shows operators which driver has already picked a passenger up, and which one is free and waiting for the order.

    In Asia, we use automated reports. The system gathers all data about calls, ride requests, sums for filled orders. Having noted the most active passengers we can offer them bonus points and discounts on our services. Reports help us to effectively control business and reward our best customers.

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  • ❝Taxi Pro❞, Kiev, Ukraine

    We chose Taxi-Master due to several reasons.

    First, we were interested in order processing app. We needed it work on both iOS and Android devices. Taxi-Master can run on both platforms. Therefore, we can hire drivers that use different smartphones. We automated the order distribution process by means of software: the nearest cab is sent to a customer. Everyone gets advantages: drivers save time and petrol, customers get promptly delivered cabs and don’t be late at work or a meeting.

    The second important feature of Taxi-Master we use is priority system for drivers. It lets more efficient and responsible ones get orders before other drivers. High priority motivates to work more efficiently and bring more profits. As a result, we give orders to the best drivers and engage reliable people, whom our customers feel safe and easy with.

    The third reason is dispatcher’s convenience. Due to maps and GPS navigation, operators can see drivers in plain sight, which is especially important for working in a metropolitan city. In general, software is quite comprehensible and fast, it possesses full functionality.

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  • ❝Street❞, Saint Petersburg, Russia

    When choosing taxi dispatch software we pursued two aims: to raise our work quality and get a possibility to control staff. Taxi-Master software solved both tasks in short terms.

    Operator’s tasks shrank to taking phone calls and put right address data into the system, after which software automatically generates a new order and starts searching a cab. Autoinformer sends notifications to customers, while dispatchers keep on processing requests.

    Maps is another advantage helping at work. In such a big city as Saint Petersburg, we see it important to find locations and routes quickly. Online maps meet this challenge efficiently. Operators can not only track cabs’ moving, but also easily inform drivers how to reach locations faster.

    Thanks to special tablets in cabs, we managed to balance order distribution among drivers. Now all orders are distributed one after another through mobile app, which allows us to avoid tension and conflicts among staff.

    Significantly, now we control statistics for income and filled orders. With the help of reports system, we can monitor growth dynamics for each district of the city, where our cabs work.

    We would like to thank Taxi-Master support team which tries to answer immediately all our questions that appear in the course of using the system.

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