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Use our tools to hire, motivate and control drivers

App for your drivers to receive orders. One driver can perform 1.5 times more orders thanks to the distribution of orders to the nearest drivers and placing orders in a queue.
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Benefits mobile app for drivers like uber
  • Easy to use. The drivers will quickly learn how to use it to respond to bookings in one click.
  • Integration with popular maps for choosing the best route
  • Automatic distribution of bookings without dispatcher involvement
  • The driver can start the shift with a photo of the car's appearance instead of going to the office
  • The driver can choose a booking, depending on its cost and distance to the customer
  • A priority system to encourage drivers to work during rush hours and on weekends
  • Rating the drivers to improve the quality of customer service and motivate the drivers to comply with working conditions to receive more profitable orders
  • An individual account for the driver; online payment for the shift without having to visit the office
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Stand out among the rest taxi companys and aggregators with elegant design and flexible settings.
mobile app Taxi-Master
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  • The driver can see the statuses of all queues/stands.
  • Preliminary orders are shown too.
  • The driver can see the order, take or decline it.
  • Navigation helps to see how far the passenger is.
  • All order information is visible and clear. It includes a precalculated price based on the distance and tariff.
  • Messaging system allows having a chat with another driver or dispatcher. Calling passenger is also possible.
Work with Drivers: Recruitment, Motivation, Control
Convenient algorithms for bookings' seeding
Depending on the drivers' rating, number of bookings completed by the drivers, their remoteness from a pick-up point, possibility to put the orders in line, etc.
Increase of tariffs can make drivers more active
If there are many bookings, tariff may be increased automatically in order to motivate drivers to work.
Priority system
It motivates drivers to take not so convenient orders, to work in peak hours and on weekends as well as to gain access to high-priced and convenient orders. This motivates drivers to work under the company's rules.
Delegate recruitment and control over drivers
Partner Area saves your time on drivers' recruitment and management. A foreman recruits drivers, registers their personal data, car brand name, its license plate, and gets his percentage from bookings completed by the drivers.
Comfortable shifts for drivers
Each driver chooses a comfortable shift type, makes an online payment for such shift, and starts to work at any time.
Helps to control the compliance with the requirements as to car's appearance without any extra time or financial expenditures
Taxi driver app contains a set of control tools
More than 100 standard reports in Taxi-Master allow to get accurate data as to your company
Reports on bookings, drivers, customers
The map shows a driver's trip within a certain period of time. You can monitor car's speed on all segments of trip
Record of trip tracks
Booking's event log
You can quickly enter information on accidents directly from the booking card. Company's chief can easily switch from the log to information about a certain order
Shows taxi company data regarding bookings, calls, trips, drivers, and passengers. Data is presented in the form of diagrams
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Benefits with Taxi-Master
  • 1
    Flexible configuration of functionality
    The standard functionality of the software already covers 95% of the needs of our clients. Hundreds of settings allow you to implement any of your business processes.
  • 2
    Personal improvements
    Everything that you have not found in the software, we implement through additional scripts: tariffs, auto assignment, rules for calculating bonuses, telephony scenarios and much more.
  • 3
    Advanced API for advanced features
    Taxi-Master API is a software interface that allows other services and systems to interact with Taxi-Master. The API helps to integrate Taxi-Master with the service's CRM system, 1C program, payment terminals for drivers, service website.
Feedback on the Taxi-Master
"ABC taxi" company
Vyacheslav Shchukin, head of the IT department.
Hurghada city, Egypt
  • "Until 2013-2014, the mobile application from the previous developer was good, it suited us as a company and customers. Further, when the market began to change, develop, this application has not been updated for ten years. Basically, that's why we switched to Taxi-Master, because you have a taxi book app, and it is not only for show - we can customize it, it has functionality that is important for us. "
    Taxi "EliteTrans"
  • "Over the past 3-4 years, we have lost ground very strongly, because we did not have a mobile app android taxi and we could not develop together with the market. For the last 6 years we have been working with another company, we are not satisfied with everything there and we decided to switch to Taxi-Master. We were not satisfied that there was no cashless payment, and most importantly, the client application, taxi operatin system, apps cab. We changed the software and found everything we need in Taxi-Master "
    Taxi «Suncar»
  • "This is our second year with Taxophone - app for ride. Pros - you can create an order in 2 clicks. We recently added a function - select orders from history and add orders to favorites, this allows you to quickly create a new order. Cons, for me - too much animation - cars move, windows pop up, but this is purely individual "
    Taxi "Lux"
  • "We opened a long time ago, since 2014 we have been working. We were one of the first taxi companys clone uber. With the exception of local street taxi drivers, they worked without radios, without any means of communication. And in general, it is not clear how they worked. We started working right away with the software with apps taxis. For the first 2 months we tried many different software and stopped at Taxi-Master "
    Taxi «ABC Taxi»
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