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Developing a customizable solution based on pre-built taxi dispatch software

Get a flexible solution from our developer for your taxi business.
Get well-tested software from our developer with 19 years of experience.
Get a pre-built product with configurable settings to meet your needs.
Benefit from fast implementation thanks to hundreds of existing scripts that can be tailored to your specific needs.

Taxi booking app development

  • White-Label Taxi App Solution – branding for your corporate identity
  • Designed specifically for Android and iOS
  • The application has been successfully adapted and tested by numerous taxi companies.
  • Flexible tariff settings, like those of aggregators
  • One-click booking
  • The app supports payment by card and can be integrated with various payment systems.
  • Bonus programs for your customers
  • Driver-passenger chat
  • 100+ languages
  • Driver ratings
Get a branded mobile app customized for your taxi company
Our app solution is designed to be customized to fit the unique needs and branding of your taxi company. With its elegant design and user-friendly interface, your customers will love using it to book rides and manage their accounts. Plus, with flexible settings for tariffs, discounts, and promotions, you can stay competitive and attract more customers.

Stand out from the competition and build brand loyalty with our app solution.
mobile app Taxi-Master

Development of a mobile app for drivers

  • Easy to use. One-click booking response for drivers.
  • Integrates with popular maps for optimal route selection.
  • Automated booking distribution without dispatcher intervention.
  • Driver can start their shift by submitting a photo of the car's appearance instead of visiting the office.
  • Drivers can prioritize bookings based on cost and distance to customers.
  • System to incentivize drivers to work during peak hours and weekends.
  • Driver rating system to improve service quality and incentivize adherence to working conditions for more lucrative orders.
  • Driver's individual account for online shift payment, eliminating the need to visit the office.
Mobile app for your drivers
Taxi-Master has a driver app for accepting orders.
mobile app for the work of drivers in a taxi company

Development of taxi dispatch software

Get comprehensive and reliable features to automate and manage your taxi business.

The Taxi-Master app includes four types of accounts:
Choose well-tested popular tools of the pre-built taxi dispatch software.
Voice Assistant
Service for call processing without dispatcher: address recognition, booking creation in dispatch software.
Referral Codes
Rewards schemes can help dispatcher taxi services attract new customers without spending money on advertising.
Payment by card
Enables 24/7 payment acceptance for driver shifts and passenger trips.
GPS tracking for vehicle location
Driver location tracking to prevent conflicts and losses.
Modern telephoning service
The software automatically distributes calls to available dispatchers and updates customers on their booking status and queue position.
Voice response that is interactive
Benefits of the system include time-saving for dispatchers, enhanced customer trust, driver attraction, and improved company image.
Automatic number recognition is carried out
The software includes automatic number recognition, a key telephony function that can be used with a softphone or call center.
Program of bonuses
It helps with customer retention and encourages them to make repeat reservations.
TMDriver App
The software provides operational communication between the dispatcher and the driver and attracts more drivers on various cooperation terms.
App banning
The software allows you to control and monitor drivers to ensure they adhere to the terms of employment and work exclusively for your company.
City maps
Supports popular online maps and maps of the Polish format.
Your current software is outdated and doesn't meet your demands?
We update all of our software components three times more frequently than other developers. We launched four significant updates in 2020, totaling more than 100 new features.
Reduce costs with automation taxi system
Maxim Galimov discusses creating an efficient taxi company like Uber and how to compete with aggregators like Uber or Lyft.
He suggests that being effective requires finding a niche and offering unique services that can't be provided by aggregators. Additionally, he emphasizes the importance of using technology to automate and streamline operations, and offering quality customer service to build a loyal customer base.
Maxim Galimov from Taxi-Master company
Software for new taxi services
Taxi-based delivery
Deliver goods from shops, pharmacies and cafes by taxi company cars. Drivers receive such orders in their application, operators can control routes to delivery addresses.
Moving service
Open a cargo delivery service under a different brand and with different phone numbers to get additional profit in a new niche.
Taxi branch
Open branches of the taxi company in other cities without restrictions within the same software package. Launch one or more services under different brands in your hometown.
Price rental program
— Mobile app for passenger
— Web apps
— Software package
— 10 driver connection
— 2 operator workplaces
— Remote implementation
First month
— Mobile app for passenger
— Web apps
— Software package
— 35 driver connection
— 5 operator workplaces
— Remote implementation
First month
— Mobile app for passenger
— Web apps
— Software package
— 120 driver connection
— 10 operator workplaces
— Remote implementation
First month
Other months
Other months
Other months

Price for owning the software
Additional fee for the implementation - $900
— Software package
— Unlimited driver connection
— 2 operator workplaces
— Software package
— Unlimited driver connection
— 2 operator workplaces
— Mobile application for passengers
— Software package
— Unlimited driver connection
— Unlimited connection of operators
— Mobile application for passengers
Why choose us?
4000+ clients worldwide
Taxi companies in 25 countries of the world operate
on our software
20+ years
We develop software for taxi business
140 employees
Work in the development, testing, technical support, implementation and customer support departments
Benefits with Taxi-Master
  • 1
    Flexible configuration of functionality
    The software's standard functionality meets 95% of client needs, with hundreds of settings to customize to specific business processes.
  • 2
    Personal improvements
    We implement any additional features through scripts, including tariffs, auto assignment, bonus calculations, telephony scenarios, and more.
  • 3
    Advanced API for advanced features
    Taxi-Master API is a software interface for integrating Taxi-Master with other services and systems, such as CRM, 1C program, payment terminals for drivers, and service websites.
Feedback on the Taxi-Master
"ABC taxi" company
Vyacheslav Shchukin, head of the IT department.
Hurghada city, Egypt

Taxi development company BIT Master

Taxi development is the main direction of the company BIT Master for over 20 years. Taxi development includes both the software development to help set up all business processes within the taxi company, as well as the development of mobile apps for taxi ordering. Essential elements of taxi software:

  • The program for the work of the taxi company. This is a program for dispatchers, including web apps to connect employees working remotely.
  • App for drivers This is a service for drivers, through which they contact the office, as well as with customers who order a taxi.
  • App for customers. This is an extremely popular modern service for ordering a taxi in a couple of clicks.
It is important that it is an integrated system, a coherent set of interconnected software elements. Only in this case you will be able to really automate the work of your company.

Taxi app development software for your business

Not every developer of taxi app development software is ready to offer such a software package that will take into account all the features of the taxi business in general and your company in particular. We know well how this business works, as we have been specializing in developments for this market for more than 20 years. We understand what functionality is required for the real tasks of your business, and offer ready-made solutions with the ability to adapt them specifically to your company.

When developing our program, we took into account all the needs of taxi companies, so our customers get:

  • Well tested software
  • A ready-made product that can be easily customized to the needs of the company with its specifics
  • Hundreds of well-designed and developed scripts
  • The ability to quickly set up the desired scenario
  • The ability to upload and analyze data, find points of growth of the company

Taxi application development from an experienced developer

Taxi application development is no longer a fashion, but a necessity. Customers are used to ordering a taxi in a couple of seconds from their smartphone. Without a mobile app, it is impossible today to compete with large aggregators like Uber and increase profits. This means there is simply no point in being on the market.

The mobile application is a functional solution that allows you to automate processes and reduce costs by optimizing the staff of dispatchers. Taxi Master development gives you the opportunity to quickly get a competitive modern application:

  • Customizable to the brand
  • Customizable to the specifics of the company
  • All features have been thought out in detail and meet customer requirements
  • The solution has been tested by hundreds of taxi companies

Taxi app development cost

Taxi app development cost will be significantly higher if you contact a developer who will build software for you from scratch. You will spend a lot of time and money. The development of the customer mobile app alone will cost around $14,000 for iOS and $15,000 for Android. But that's not all the costs. You'll also need to spend on UX/UI design and backend development, which means you need to multiply the above amounts by two to understand the real costs.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. The problem may arise when you start using the software. Developers who are not familiar with the field, most likely, will not be able to immediately offer you something that will fully meet the needs of your business. You may face the fact that you will lack the functionality of applications. It should also be understood that mobile applications need constant updates generally. It will take endless improvements to keep you competitive and on-trend. And this is again a waste of time and money.

To save your resources, we offer a ready-made industry solution with a huge number of relevant features and with the possibility of additional settings ― a shelf solution Taxophone.

  • Mobile app for Android and iOS in your style
  • Flexible tariff settings, as with aggregators
  • One-click order
  • Bank card payment, integration with various payment gateways
  • Bonus programs for your customers
  • Chat between driver and passenger
  • Updates twice a year
  • Constant technical support


What is the taxi app development process?

It is possible to develop it from scratch, but it is expensive and complicated. We offer a ready-made solution that we simply customize for your business. As a result, you get a modern application with many features, created in your corporate style, quickly and at a reasonable cost.

What are benefits of taxi mobile app development?

The mobile application allows you to automate the process of ordering a taxi, reduce costs by optimizing staff, compete with large aggregators like Uber, attract customers and increase profits.

How much does the development for taxi booking mobile app cost?

The development of the customer mobile app from scratch will cost around $14,000 for iOS and $15,000 for Android. Additionally, expensive UX/UI design and backend development will be required. Our software package has a ready-made solution for taxi companies, which we will fully customize for you. It will cost you less and save you time and nerves.
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BIT-Master is a Taxi-Master software developer, an international IT company with over 19 years of experience, a leader in the development of taxi software and services. BIT-Master is the creator of the Taxi-Master software, mobile applications for passengers and drivers, as well as dozens of services, thanks to which dispatchers and taxi companies can use the best solutions.
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