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Get a mobile application for your taxi company
Uber clone app development
Your customers will undoubtedly appreciate this and are more likely to become repeat clients.
Any languages
Both tourists from other countries and locals will have the ability to request taxi services.
Tariff selection
When an order is being placed, the user is provided with a comprehensive selection of tariffs and can effortlessly choose their desired option by horizontally scrolling through the available choices.
Referral system
A highly cost-effective approach to promoting the service is to offer clients a personalized referral code that they can share with friends, thereby earning bonuses every time their code is used.
Payment by card
Within the application, clients can easily link their bank cards without any hassle.
One click order
The straightforward process of placing an order encourages customers to use the application frequently.
Tariff increase indicator
You can keep customers informed of any changes to the tariffs.
Taxophone - iOS & Android Uber Clone App
  • To hail a cab using the app, simply tap on the nearest available car icon.
  • You have the option to book a ride either for immediate service or at a later time using the application.
  • You can enter your pickup address, drop a pin on the map to indicate your location, or click on the "Pick Me Up Here" option within the application.
  • You can save your preferred locations for future bookings, making the process more convenient.
  • Prior to booking, the application provides estimates of the fare and expected travel time for your ride.
  • You can select specific options for your trip such as vehicle type and payment method within the application.
  • Upon booking a ride, a confirmation pop-up will appear in the application.
  • You can track your taxi on the map within the application, allowing you to monitor its real-time progress as it moves towards your location.
  • The application stores a record of your past rides, including trip details and receipts for your reference.
  • After your ride, you can rate your driver and leave a comment about your experience within the application.
Uber clone app for taxi business Taxophone
    The referral code system works on the principle of "invite a friend," which helps to attract new customers from social networks without incurring additional advertising costs.
    Using push notifications within the application, you can notify customers about promotions and new services, encouraging them to place additional orders with your company.
    By increasing the number of orders received through the mobile application, you can reduce the burden on order-takers, which in turn can reduce operator wages. For example, receiving 300-400 orders through the application per day can reduce the need for one workplace.
    With AppMetrica analytics, you can analyze the actions of application users, identify customer preferences, and make informed decisions regarding the launch of advertising campaigns and bonus systems. This information can also be used to adjust promotional activities to better suit the needs and preferences of your customers.
    By utilizing the latest technologies and implementing a mobile application, you can build a modern business image that appeals to active and busy people who value speed and convenience.
    Our mobile application is updated 4-5 times a year, more frequently than other developers. We are constantly adding new features to improve the user experience and stay up-to-date with the latest technology advancements.
Uber clone software
uber clone ios
After studying the most successful applications in Russia and Europe, we have developed an interface that is both user-friendly and concise. Our design is easily adaptable to different languages and can be easily understood by users of all ages.
uber clone ios app
Our team of professional designers is dedicated to creating every element of the application's design. They carefully consider the application's structure, design the screens, select the colors and forms of each element, and create custom icons that complement the overall design.
uber clone app development
Developing a unique taxi app can be expensive and may not always be necessary. Instead, we recommend utilizing our application, which has been adapted and extensively tested with a large number of clients. By using our application, you can attract more orders and increase your overall business earnings.

Create Uber app clone and grow your business

Today quite a few companies offer an Uber app clone for taxis, but be careful: for the app to work, it must be built into the system that makes your service work.

You need to understand what you are buying: full development or just an animated application interface. In the second case, you will need to pay a considerable amount of money for the product to become a working part of your software package.

In order for your customers to use mobile apps for iOS and Android, the apps must be linked to a software that accepts orders, assigns drivers, allows customers to pay for trips, etc. There should also be a driver application associated with the software. In short, for the company to be fully operational in the Uber format, the development is implemented for all parts of the software package. Taxi Master offers just such a solution ― with it you can use an uber-like application and automate the taxi company.
Create uber clone app

The functionality of uberclones based on the solution from Taxi Master

  • Payment by card
  • Choice of tariff
  • 100+ languages
  • Chat with the driver.
  • Trip history and receipts
  • Tracking the location of the driver
  • Referral code system for expanding the customer base

The mobile application is used in more than 1000 taxi companies around the world.
Uber clone app

Uber clone software

Uber clone software is the most important part of the development for the taxi business, that allows customers to make orders using a mobile application.

  • The client creates an order themselves in a couple of clicks.
  • The system automatically chooses a suitable vehicle based on various factors, such as the driver's proximity to the customer.
  • You choose the scenarios according to which drivers will see and receive orders.
  • You can develop your own scenarios.
  • The program can be customized to the needs of your company.
Uber clone software

Uber clone IOS app

The Taxi Master software package includes the Uber clone IOS app. It is created in your corporate style based on our shelf solution Taxophone. We configure it and upload it to the AppStore. At the same time, you additionally get basic optimization, which helps to index applications so that they are searchable. Twice a year we release updates for the Taxophone so that you stay on trend.

Uber clone Android app

The Uber clone Android app is also based on Taxophone. It's a quick way for you to get a guaranteed working and constantly updated application. It is created in the corporate colors of your company and with your logo. Then we set it up and upload it to PlayMarket. The app is also optimized for search, so that your customers can quickly find it and download.
Uber clone app for android

Uber clone app price

Uber clone app price depends on what you buy: full development or just the interface. Developing from scratch is difficult and expensive, costing about $100,000. You may be able to create an interface many times cheaper, but you won't be able to save on it, because you will need to spend a lot more time and money to make it really work.

The Taxi Master software package costs $350 per month. What you get for the money is not just a functional uber app in your corporate style, but a fully customized software package for your company: a program for receiving and distributing orders, a program for dispatchers, Android and iOS apps for customers, an app for drivers and much more.
BIT-Master is a Taxi-Master software developer, an international IT company with over 19 years of experience, a leader in the development of taxi software and services. BIT-Master is the creator of the Taxi-Master software, mobile applications for passengers and drivers, as well as dozens of services, thanks to which dispatchers and taxi companies can use the best solutions.
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