Develop an Uber like app without large investments is real
Stand out among the rest taxi companies and aggregators with smart design and flexible settings.
Get a mobile application for your taxi company
Uber like app development
Your clientele is highly likely to appreciate this and may be encouraged to make repeat visits.
Any languages
Both tourists and locals have the ability to request taxi services.
Tariff selection
Upon placing an order, the user is presented with a comprehensive range of tariffs and can conveniently select their preferred option by horizontally scrolling through the available choices.
Referral system
Offering customers a distinctive referral code that they can share with friends is a highly cost-effective promotional method. This incentivizes clients to share their code, as they receive bonuses each time it is used.
Payment by card
Within the application, clients can easily link their bank cards without any hassle.
One click order
Due to the user-friendly process of creating an order, customers are more inclined to use the application on a frequent basis.
Tariff increase indicator
It is possible to notify customers regarding any changes in the tariff.
Make an app like Uber
  • developing an app like uber
    You can hail a cab by tapping on the nearest available car using the application.
  • develop an app like uber
    You can either book a ride immediately or schedule it for a later time using the application.
  • uber like app developer
    To request a ride, you can either enter your pickup address manually, drag and drop your location on the map, or simply click the "Pick Me Up Here" button within the application.
  • how to make app like uber
    You can save your frequently visited locations within the application for quicker booking in the future.
  • how to make an app like uber
    Prior to booking a ride, the application provides fare and time estimates.
  • how to create an app like uber
    You can select specific options for your ride, such as vehicle type, payment method, and more, using the application.
  • how to build an app like uber
    Upon booking a ride, a confirmation pop-up will appear within the application.
  • how to build uber like app
    Using the application's map feature, you can track the progress of your taxi in real-time as it travels to your location.
  • build uber like app
    The application includes a history of your past rides, including trip details and receipts.
  • After your ride is complete, you can rate your driver and leave comments regarding your experience using the application.
How to make an Uber like app
    The referral code system operates on the principle of "invite a friend," which helps to attract new customers from social networks without incurring any additional advertising costs.
    By using push notifications within the application, you can inform customers about promotions and new services, thereby encouraging them to make additional orders from your business.
    The mobile application can significantly reduce the burden of taking orders for operators. The more orders you receive from the application, the more you can save on operator wages. For instance, receiving 300-400 orders through the application per day can reduce the need for one operator.
    By utilizing AppMetrica analytics, you can analyze the actions of application users, gain insights into customer preferences, and make informed decisions about launching advertising campaigns, implementing bonus systems, and adjusting promotional actions.
    Implementing the use of new technologies and offering the mobile application can help to build a modern business image. The application will appeal to active and busy people who value speed and convenience.
    Our mobile application is updated 4-5 times a year, which is more frequent than many other developers. As a result, new features and functionality are constantly being added to enhance the user experience.
Сreate an app like Uber
After studying the top Russian and European applications, we have created an interface that is both user-friendly and straightforward. Our design is easily customizable to any language, and can be easily understood by people of all ages.
Our team of professional designers is responsible for crafting the design of all elements within the application. They carefully consider the structure of the application, the appearance of the screens, the form and color selection of all elements, and even draw custom icons to ensure a cohesive and visually appealing user experience.
Developing a one-of-a-kind taxi app can be costly and may not always be necessary. Instead, we recommend considering our tried-and-tested application, which has been adapted and refined based on feedback from a large pool of satisfied customers. Our application is highly effective in attracting orders and can significantly contribute to the overall success of your business.

Develop an Uber like app without large investments is real

Develop an app like uber from scratch is usually an expensive and time-consuming project. This is why many taxi business owners give up on the idea when they find out from uber like app developer how much it costs.

Of course, for a nominal $1000 you can create an uber clone, which will, in fact, only be the interface of the application. But you have to understand that it will not work on its own. To integrate this into the work of your company and really feel the effect of business automation, it will require a lot of investment.

Taxi Master has a solution that will allow you to get an Uber-like application that will be built into the work of your company without large investments and with minimal time costs. This is an alternative to developing an app like Uber from scratch. We offer a ready-made shelf solution Taxophone, which already has many basic tools and settings for various business processes. Taxophone is a part of the Taxi Master software package.

You no longer need to look for Uber like app development ― we already have an app that is completely ready to use. It can be easily customized to your business, designed in your corporate identity and quickly integrated into the operation of your company.
develop an app like uber

Make an app like Uber based on the Taxophone solution

You can make an app like Uber, while saving time and money. What features are available in our Taxophone app?

  • One-click order. Customers order a taxi on their own in a few seconds. The system automatically assigns a car.
  • Choice of tariff. Users can choose a more comfortable car.
  • More than 100 languages. The application can easily be used, for example, by tourists from other countries.
  • Tracking the location of the driver. The customer can see how soon the car will be served.
  • Chat with the driver. In any situation, the customer can contact the driver without the help of an operator.
  • Referral system. The customer receives the code, shares it with friends, and gets bonuses for helping you expand your user base.
  • Online payment. The customer can quickly link their bank card or pay for the trip in another convenient way ― for example, via Google Pay or Apple Pay.
make uber like app

Creating an app like Uber will increase your profits

Why would you want to start creating an app like Uber? This is the way to increase the profitability of your business. Firstly, Taxophone gives you the opportunity to save money by reducing costs through automation. Secondly, Taxophone allows you to increase profits by attracting customers.

With Taxophone you can:

  1. Optimize the staff of dispatchers, as customers make the orders themselves, without the involvement of operators.
  2. Study user actions and, based on the data, think of effective advertising that won't drain your budget.
  3. Successfully compete with major aggregators.
  4. Increase the number of repeat orders.
  5. Expand your customer base by encouraging users to invite their friends to use your app.
  6. Increase user engagement by notifying them about promotions using push notifications.
create uber like app

Building an Uber like app based on the Taxi Master solution

Why can you trust us building an Uber like app for your company?

  • We have been developing solutions for automation of taxi businesses for more than 20 years. That's why we've considered all the needs of the taxi business and offer only thoughtful functionality.
  • Our products have proven their effectiveness in over 3,500 taxi companies in 25 countries around the world.
  • Our shelf solution is thoughtfully designed to help you attract and retain customers, expand your business and increase your profits.
  • We work globally and follow trends in order to offer only the most advanced solutions to our customers.
  • We release updates twice a year.
  • Our customers can contact technical support at any time, day or night.
building an uber like app

Cost of building an app like Uber

The cost of building an app like uber for someone who develop an app from scratch is around $100,000. To get a working application, you need to create a UX/UI design and backend for iOS and Android. Also, the applications need to be linked with your software for receiving and processing taxi orders. You will then need to update the app regularly. Uber like app costs from scratch can be daunting if you want a fully working app rather than just an animated interface.

Our ready-made solution for taxi businesses, which we will fully customize for you, will cost you several times less and save your resources.


How to make Uber like app?

You can create from scratch or buy a ready-made uber-like application that is easier to customize for your company.

How to create an app like Uber?

Creating from scratch will require the preparation of a clear requirements specification and close work with the developer company. A ready-made uber-like Taxophone app allows you to get a fully customizable, working product at a fraction of the cost.

How to build Uber like app?

It is necessary to consistently take the following steps:

  1. Preparation of requirements specifications.
  2. Developer Search.
  3. UX/UI design.
  4. Backend mobile development for iOS and Android.
  5. Debugging and testing.
  6. Development of a tie-in with your software for receiving and processing taxi orders.
A simpler way is to buy the ready-made Taxi Master software package, which already has a customizable, uber-like Taxophone app.
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